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Current Programmatic Workshops

  1. [HYBRID WORKSHOP] Connections Workshop: The Analysis and Geometry of Random Spaces

    Organizers: Mario Bonk (University of California, Los Angeles), LEAD Joan Lind (University of Tennessee), Eero Saksman (University of Helsinki), Jang-Mei Wu (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
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    Simulation of the discrete planar Gaussian free field. Image by Dr. Ellen Powell.

    This will be a hybrid workshop with in-person participation by members of the semester-long program. Online participation will be open to all who register.

    The Connections Workshop will feature talks on a variety of topics related to the analysis and geometry of random spaces. It will preview the research themes of the semester program and will highlight the work of women in the field. There will be a panel discussion as well as other social events. This workshop is directly prior to the Introductory Workshop, and participants are encouraged to participate in both workshops. This workshop is open to all mathematicians.

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