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Math Circles & Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad

What is a Math Circle?

Math Circles bring mathematicians and mathematical scientists into direct contact with pre-college students. These students (and sometimes their teachers) meet with mathematics professionals in an informal setting, after school or on weekends, to work on interesting problems or topics in mathematics. These interactions get students excited about mathematics and provide them with a community to foster their passion for mathematical thinking. Find out more about Math Circles at the National Association of Math Circles (NAMC) website, mathcircles.org.

Math Circles from MSRI on Vimeo.

nmc logo The National Association of Math Circles is an MSRI sponsored organization that provides a support structure for Math Circles and similar programs. The primary focus of the NAMC is the development of an NAMC website that includes: the Circle in a Box wiki, contacts for Math Circles throughout North America, the Math Circle Problem Collection, and a forum for discussion of Math Circles and related issues among NAMC members.


bmc logo The Berkeley Math Circle (BMC) is intended for talented middle- and high-school students who are interested in extending their mathematical knowledge and skills well beyond what their curriculum offers. The Circle meets on the Berkeley campus during the academic year for sessions that include advanced math topics for high and middle school students. The majority of the sessions are split into two separate groups: for advanced and for beginning students.


marin logo The Marin Math Circle brings together students who are interested in exploring new mathematical topics and challenging problems. 

oebmc logo The Oakland/East Bay Math Circle offers middle school students and teachers in the Oakland and East Bay area the opportunity to learn advanced mathematics in a free, after-school enrichment program. This is an extraordinary activity for students who enjoy mathematics and want to learn more.

sfmc logo The San Francisco Math Circle (SFMC) is intended primarily for middle school students in San Francisco who are interested in extending their mathematical knowledge and skills well beyond what their curriculum offers. The Circle meets on the San Francisco State University campus during the academic year for sessions that include advanced middle school topics and lots of challenging problems.

san jose math circle logo The San Jose Math Circle (SJMC) is for middle and high school students, and is held at San Jose State University during the academic year. About once per month a Bay Area Mathematical Adventures (BAMA) presentation replaces it, which is held alternately at San Jose State University and at the Santa Clara University. 

smc logo The Stanford Math Circle (SMC) , held on the Stanford Campus, emphasizes mathematical discovery and collaboration. It's intended for middle and high school students, although anyone is welcome.

bamo logo The Bay Area Mathematical Olympiad (BAMO) is an annual competition among hundreds of Bay Area middle- and high-school students, consisting of five proof-type math problems, which is held in February of each year. An awards ceremony follows at MSRI in March.

bact logo The Bay Area Circle for Teachers is designed to equip educators with an effective problem-solving approach to teaching mathematics. The emphasis is to show teachers some beautiful and entertaining mathematics as opposed to telling them what or how they should teach.