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Videos for Sale or Streaming

This page contains information about both films produced for public broadcast as well as recordings of special events and lectures that are not part of any of MSRI's reserach programs or workshops. (For streaming videos from mathematical lectures at MSRI, please visit our main video page.)  

Math Documentaries by Zala Films

People who do and use mathematics often have fascinating stories and adventures to tell related to their work; and partly because their work itself is often hard for non-mathematicians to comprehend, these stories can have a special interest.  Sometimes mathematicians' experiences are as unusual as those of the homeless but much-loved and celebrated Paul Erdős; sometimes their adventures are as unusual as astronaut Michael Foale's rescuing of the Mir space station. 

As part of MSRI's commitment to telling the story of mathematics, we have produced a number of films about mathematicians; many have been directed by George Csicsery of Zala Films, whose first film about a mathematician, N is a Number, has become a classic. Please see the list of films below that are for sale through Zala Films or viewable on our web site. We think that each has something interesting for mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike!
If you have questions regarding DVD purchases from Zala Films, you can email us for assistance.

Short Films about MSRI

Critical Issues in Mathematics Education

Finding Common Ground Math Education Forum

Leading voices in the math education profession came together in Washington, D.C. in April 2015 to discuss college and career-readiness standards and mathematics teacher preparation and licensing. The forum, co-sponsored by MSRI and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), shared best practices and next steps regarding implementation of standards across states.

Act from Thought: The Case for Basic Science Research

As part of the 2015 National Math Festival in Washington, D.C., the Act from Thought gala dinner made an eloquent case for the importance of basic science research. Many governments are currently redirecting money for basic research into more applied areas. Tempting as this is, it risks losing the spectacular payoffs that basic research has provided in the past — and can provide in the future.

Not on the Test: The Pleasure and Uses of Mathematics

Each link below will take you to the event page for the individual lecture - scroll down to find the video footage below the event description. Only lectures which were recorded are listed below.

New Horizons in Undergraduate Mathematics

Symposium on Global Warming: From Global Predictions to Local Action

MSRI Biology Colloquium

  • For a listing of all talks and their videos for our Biology Colloquium series, please see the Biology Colloquium page.

Other Special Events and Lectures

Committee on Academic Sponsors Day