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DVDs for Sale or Streaming

People who do and use mathematics often have fascinating stories and adventures to tell related to their work; and partly because their work itself is often hard for non-mathematicians to comprehend, these stories can have a special interest.  Sometimes mathematicians' experiences are as unusual as those of the homeless but much-loved and celebrated Paul Erdős; sometimes their adventures are as unusual as astronaut Michael Foale's rescuing of the Mir space station.

As part of MSRI's commitment to telling the story of mathematics, we have produced a number of films about mathematicians; many have been directed by George Csicsery, whose first film about a mathematician, N is a Number, has become a classic.

Please see the list of films below that are for sale or viewable on our web site. We think that each has something interesting for mathematicians and non-mathematicians alike! We hope you'll watch some -- and enjoy them.

The following films are for sale as DVDs: 

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